11 tidying up hacks that will help get your home organised once and

If sorting out your overflowing sock drawer and messy kitchen cupboards didn’t quite make it on to your lockdown to-do list, then we have help at hand with these easy cleaning and sorting tips.

On top of having a tidy house to live in, research also shows that a well-organised home can have a positive impact on mental wellbeing. So what are you waiting for?

1. Keep surfaces clean

Store any ‘stuff’ in cupboards, drawers and units, so they’re out of sight. After all, if you leave these things on your countertops, it’ll mean you’ll have more to clean.

Cleaning up can be fun together
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And ‘stuff’ acts as a magnet for more ‘stuff’. If your surfaces are already cluttered, then one more thing will just go unnoticed. But if you dump something on a clear surface, it will stick out like a sore thumb.

2. Store instruction manuals together

Buy an accordion file that’s dedicated exclusively for any instructions, warranties and receipts for important purchases and appliances in your home.

You never know when you may need them – and they’ll be easily accessible when you do.

A clean house clears the mind
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3. Avoid piling clothes on a chair

Most people have that space in their bedroom – often a chair – where they leave worn clothes at the end of the day.

Those clothes that are too dirty to be hung up with clean clothes, but not worn long enough to be washed. Resolve this by keeping one drawer empty so you can hide your used-but-not-dirty-enough clothes away.

Keeping surfaces clean means you’ll be less likely to dump stuff on them
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4. Regularly stock take and rotate

Once a week – ideally before your meal plan and food shop – take the time to check what is in your kitchen, and rotate your food around to ensure you use anything that’s coming up to the end of its shelf life.

Not only will this help to keep your cupboards and fridge organised, it’ll keep your grocery bill down, too.

Pan lids stored in a rack
Storing pan lids and chopping boards upright keeps things neat
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5. Organisation station

Whether you call it an organisation station or a command centre, make a space where you can keep track of shopping lists, meal plans, and upcoming events. Find out how to make one HERE.

6. Identify danger zones

Every home has a hotspot for clutter, where things are left to be sorted ‘later’. Do you have a mass of post, keys and bags dumped near your front door? Is there a spot on your kitchen worktop that has a permanent pile of papers on it?

Try recording a video on your phone as you walk around the house – when you watch it back, you’ll notice clutter that you’re normally oblivious to. Once you know where the danger zones are, you can prioritise them when organising.

Baskets as storage inside a cupboard
Baskets are a great way to keep things tidy inside cupboards
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7. Invest in stackable storage

Stacking items maximises space, and is a great idea for storing things you don’t use that often. Make sure you stick to one style of container that you like, so they will easily stack on top of each other.

Mismatched baskets, boxes and tubs won’t look as neat.

Stackable containers of dry foods
Choose containers that you can stack on top of each other to save space
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8. Maximise shelf space

If you find you have ‘headspace’ above small items in your cupboards, then you can buy shelf inserts, which are usually freestanding and require minimal assembly.

9. Store things in baskets inside your cupboards

This makes it really simple to sort things into categories, and you can easily pull the baskets out to see what you have.

More hands make light work
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This is useful in kitchen cupboards because it will help you practice stock rotation – the more you are able to see what you have, the less money you waste buying doubles of things you already have, and throwing out food that has gone out of date.

Baskets are also great for organising your fridge. Putting food into small baskets makes cleaning so much quicker.

10. Sub-divide drawers

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Dividers make it easier to sort your contents into categories, to stop everything merging into one big mess.

You can buy various drawer dividers, but there are lots of things that you can repurpose into dividers too, including containers such as mobile phone boxes, perfume gift boxes and clean takeaway containers.

11. Use vertical sorting

Pan lids, chopping boards, baking trays and other tall items can be kept neat and tidy inside cupboards or on kitchen sides by using a vertical sorting system.

Washing up racks work really well for this, as well as magazine racks.

– For more storage solutions and lifestyle hacks, visit Wrenkitchens.com and Mummyoffour.com

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