New York Fashion Week Yearbook: See Our Spring 2021 Recap

“There’s all this talk about sweatpants, present company included,” Jason Wu, who was one of the only designers to have an in-person show outside on a rooftop, exclusively told E!’s Zanna Roberts Rassi. “We need glamour.”

“I’m really thrilled,” he added, “because even just for seven-and-a-half, eight minutes that you forget about all the troubles that we have to face and continue to face—that is what fashion is about. It is not about vanity only. It’s about bringing imagination and beauty to the world.”

There was no shortage of either. From tropical prints to bedazzled masks, red carpet-ready gowns and standout shapes, designers served up their sartorial imaginations on a virtual platter. For a breakdown of the best of the best designs, keep scrolling!

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