Teddi Mellencamp Responds to Growing Criticism Surrounding All In by Teddi Diet Program

“When you sign up to the program, you are signing up to be active every single day. It could mean playing tennis with your kids, going for a walk, doing restorative yoga, doing a dance class, doing whatever it may be,” she explained. “But if there’s a repeated situation where somebody has signed up for the program and they’re not being active in some capacity, we aren’t doing the job that they’re paying us to do. So yes. But if there’s an emergency where someone’s like, ‘I’m not feeling well,’ or there’s a family emergency, of course they’re not being kicked out.”

And although Teddi said she initially didn’t want to address the criticism, she wanted to stand up for her team.

“If you know your why and you know your purpose is good, then you’re going to be OK,” she shared. “That’s how I feel. I am sad. I am emotional. I hate to see hate… Thank God that I went All In on me, because I have the ability to know this is going to be OK. I am going to be OK.” 

Listen to Teddi address more accusations about the All In program by listening to her podcast in full.

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