Reese Witherspoon Is So Over 2020 She Held a New Year’s Eve Party for the Emmys

Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington have us experiencing a serious case of FOMO with their 2020 Emmys watch party.

The Little Fires Everywhere stars came together to watch the virtual awards ceremony and decided to throw an impromptu New Year’s Eve party since 2020 is officially CANCELED. As Reese explained it, “We’re ready for this year to be over.”

When host Jimmy Kimmel asked if it’s possible to simply end the year, Reese said, pointing to her co-star, “Of course. We’re Emmy nominated television producers.”

Fair enough. 

After Kerry and Reese finished their countdown, the stars told each other that they’d kiss but COVID-19 is still a thing that the world needs to be concerned about so they decided against it. 

Hearing this, Jimmy chimed in, telling the women, “I wish I could kiss you guys too.” 

But Kerry gave Jimmy a hard pass. She told the host, “No, we don’t want that. Thank you!” 

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