Kaitlyn Bristowe Could Barely Feel Her Dancing With the Stars Ankle Injury Due to Happiness

Kaitlyn said she didn’t even immediately register that she earned the highest score and Artem explains that it’s hard to comprehend what’s happening on the dance floor. 

“It just blurs out when we get in front of the judges,” he said. “We do listen to them, but we just don’t hear anything.” 

Kaitlyn and Artem were the last to dance but the first couple to be announced as safe during the elimination portion of the evening, which she said reminded her of a time long ago when she was also waiting to hear her name called. 

“It reminded me of when I was on The Bachelor and it was night one, the first time I’d ever done it, and I was standing there being like, he’s not gonna call my name,” she said. “And then he’s like ‘Kaitlyn!,’ and I was the first one, and I was like, ‘Smooth sailing from here!'” 

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