Mayim Bialik and Jonathan Cohen Prove to Be an Unstoppable Team on Celebrity Game Face

2. Throwing Shade

For a round of “Hit ‘Em Up,” Shanola and Daren called the latter’s mom, Myra. Little to Myra’s knowledge, the couple rang her so she’d say mystery words selected by another team.

The first word: virgin.

“What you tell Kim you was before you got married,” Daren skillfully asked his mother.

Myra responded, “A virgin.”

While trying not to give away the game, Shanola jokingly asked her mother-in-law if she was “really a virgin” before her wedding.

Shanola further added, “Mama, I was a virgin too.”

Myra had some loving shade to throw at Shanola as she quipped: “No, you weren’t.”

A stunned Shanola exclaimed, “Don’t say no I wasn’t!”

Thankfully, they were able to change the subject and successfully got Myra to also say colonoscopy.

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