My Music Moments: SuperM Shares the Soundtrack to Their Lives

The song/album that reminds me of my childhood: 

Baekhyun: The song that reminds of my childhood (when I was a student) is SG Wannabe‘s “My Person.” The moment I hear it, I’m taken back to when I was younger because it was a really popular one that was always playing. And it was always that song I’d show off my singing too when we went singing.

The first album I remember buying:

Taemin: Actually it was Seo Taiji & Boys—the first full-length album. I went to the record store, and I’ve always been a fan of Seo Taiji, and when I went, I saw it on the shelf. I remember there was just one copy, so I nabbed that last one because I thought it’d be rare and valuable. 

The song/album people might not expect me to love:

Kai: The Pororo song! Seriously, because I have nephews/nieces and we go on family trips together in the car, we have that playing. There’s actually an entire album with all the songs on it. And the kids get really quiet, just listening, so it’s nice. So I naturally listen to it as well, and the songs are actually really upbeat and fun! So nowadays I sometimes even find myself listening it on my car ride somewhere.

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