Lily James’ Lips Are Sealed on Chris Evans Romance Rumors

Lily James‘ new Netflix thriller Rebecca may be all about secrets coming to light, but don’t expect this star to spill any about her alleged real-life romance with Chris Evans.

In her new interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Lily, 31, wouldn’t confirm nor deny her relationship with Captain America himself—but she did share that her outlook on love has changed from her younger days.

When asked for the advice she would give her past self, Lily told the outlet, “Don’t be obsessed by boys! Hang out with your girl mates.” 

Lily may no longer be boy crazy, but fans are still wondering if she’s crazy about Chris. In July of 2020, fans speculated that a romance was brewing after the pair was spotted out and about in London. Later that summer, Chris and Lily were once again seen in the city having ice cream in a park

Days later, however, Chris gave an interview with Sunday TODAY that suggested he’s enjoying some solo time. Well, “solo time,” if you don’t count his adorable pup Dodger.

“Yeah, it’s just me and Dodger,” Chris told Savannah Guthrie. “You know, it’s tricky because I’m a—it’s such a stupid thing—but I consider myself an introvert! I am.”

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