The Meanest Things The 100 Ever Did to Us

Madi’s current state is particularly brutal. Clarke’s adopted daughter is always getting herself into trouble through little fault of her own, mostly because of her time as the commander. The AI she had in her head contained the code needed to activate what is believed to be the Last War, and Clarke knew that Bill Cadogan (John Pyper-Ferguson) would stop at nothing to get that code. 

A few episodes ago, Clarke shot and killed the newly enlightened Bellamy in an effort to keep him from handing over Madi’s notebook to Cadogan. Then, when she realized she was out of ammo for the other disciples, she left without even taking the notebook with her. Cadogan got to Madi anyway and fully destroyed her brain, leaving her trapped inside her own head. Clarke has now lost both Bellamy and Madi, and you can bet she’s mad about it. 

“Wanheda is out for payback,” Rothenberg said, bringing back Clarke’s little nickname that roughly translates to “Commander of Death.” “She’s gonna be the angel of death. What happened to Madi was kind of a last straw for her. I think on some levels she’s broken, but she’s been heading down that path for a while.” 

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