Jeffree Star’s Ex-Boyfriend Denies Robbing Him of Designer Goods

Jeffree Star accused live-in boyfriend, Andre Marhold, of robbing him of designer handbags in a new Instagram video.

The YouTube star claimed in since-deleted videos on his Instagram Story that over a week ago he learned Marhold had “presented a whole different person than who this man really was.” As he put it, Marhold “played” him and had “no job, no money, not even a bank account.” Marhold has denied the allegations.

“All these things that I was told were all false,” Star claimed, adding, “I was lied to and I was like, ‘OK, bye sweetie. It was really good knowing you. Thanks!'”

The YouTuber, who is known for buying designer goods, alleged that he later learned he was missing backpacks, luggage and sunglasses, some of which were purchased from Louis Vuitton.

He conceded, “Now, I know. Jeffree, you can just rebuy it. I’m not complaining about no value, no money—it’s just a principle. I don’t care if someone steals a nickel off your counter, it’s wrong.”

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