Justin Timberlake Shares A Blast From The Past In The Social Network Tribute

Where has the time gone? 

Ten years ago to the day, The Social Network released in theatres and gave viewers a more in-depth look into the inspiration, development and rapid growth of Facebook. Amongst the star-studded cast was singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake, who took to Instagram to remind his fans of his iconic role as the lowkey shady entrepreneur Sean Parker, co-founder of Napster—an early Spotify for the Gen-Zers—and Facebook’s first president. 

The caption read, “10 years ago today The Social Network came out. A lot has changed in a decade. That’s an understatement… but I’m just gonna leave it at that.”

The “Suit & Tie” singer also added “Also, drop the “The”, it’s cleaner.” to quote his character Sean.

It is now notoriously known that it was the entrepreneur’s idea to name the website “Facebook” as opposed to its original title “The Facebook,” which was created by Mark Zuckerberg (played by Jesse Eisenberg). 

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