Victoria Beckham Reveals How She Really Felt About Her Posh Spice Nickname

Posh is back! 

The former Spice Girl, otherwise known as Victoria Beckham, is releasing a new product that’s inspired by her days as Posh Spice in the iconic ‘90s group, Spice Girls. In an Instagram Story uploaded on Sept. 30, Victoria gave her fans an intimate look into how she really felt about her stage persona.  

“I was given the name Posh in 1996 over lunch with Peter Loraine of Top of The Pops Magazine and the rest of the Spice Girls,” the caption read. “I can’t say it would’ve been my first choice, but I ultimately grew into it on my own terms. I was young and shy, and being Posh helped me find my style and confidence, and my voice.”

The singer-fashion designer continued, “After the Spice Girls, I distanced myself from the nickname because it had unwavering momentum of its own. I wanted to find my own direction.”

Despite not initially being a fan of the name or what it represented, the former pop star has found a renewed appreciation for the persona.  

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