Lily Collins Explains the Difference Between Emily in Paris and Sex and the City

“I totally get the comparisons between Sex and the City and the show because it’s a Darren Star and Patricia Field collaboration and so that totally makes sense,” Collins says. “Carrie loved fashion, Emily loves fashion. But down to the actual fine-tuning of both of the storylines, they are very, very different.”

In fact, as a producer on the show, Collins certainly had a say in that fine-tuning. Collins adds, “Working and collaborating with Patricia Field was incredible. And the aesthetic of the show is so much based on Paris, but also the fashion. And so to be asked for my opinion to incorporate my own ideas and style into that was really special.”

Those tiny tweaks are what helped Collins make Emily even more unique.

“I think that Emily, like myself, grew up watching Sex and the City. I think she really loved Carrie Bradshaw as well as the other characters and probably had like pictures saved of what Carrie wore at certain times, when she was traveling, or different attitudes or attributes that Carrie had,” she says. “I think they both love what they do. They both love to work and very much incorporate those life experiences into their work.”

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