Christian Serratos Is the Spitting Image of Selena Quintanilla in New Netflix Teaser

Christian Serratos has pretty big, sparkly shoes to fill.

In 2019, the 30-year-old star of The Walking Dead was officially cast as the lead in Netflix’s upcoming two-part biographical drama, Selena: The Series. She follows in the footsteps of Jennifer Lopez, who famously portrayed late Tejano musician Selena Quintanilla in 1997’s Selena, the film that thrust Lopez into the spotlight.

So what can we expect from Serratos’ performance? It looks like sheer excellence. On Tuesday, Oct. 6, Netflix released new art and a teaser trailer for its new series, officially set to premiere Dec. 4. Across several Instagram clips and photos, Serratos could pass for Selena’s doppelgänger as she sports her signature deep-black hairdo, bold red lip and those gold hoop earrings. Another shot also finds her on stage, waving to fans while wearing high-waisted pants and a bedazzled bra top. 

The new black-and-white teaser trailer finds Serratos’ Selena stepping into the spotlight as a voiceover from her father says, “Do you trust your father? If you keep practicing, pretty soon, it’s all gonna pay off. Just watch.” It then flashes to the future, and he says, “When I see you on that stage, I still see the 6-year-old girl singing in our background.”

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