How To Keep Going: 4 Psychologists Offer Tips on Preserving Your Mental Health in 2020

Hope: “There is a fast-track to healing and staying balanced. It is possible to go beyond the rational mind and the traditional boundaries of therapy to heal at the deep root level of the soul. It is time to use these tools to clear, protect, and align our energy no matter what happens in our daily lives. When we become masters of energy wisdom, we become superior to circumstances and we can overcome our burnout.

An exercise to give yourself a break and meditate to get back in the right headspace: 

Close your eyes. Imagine a ball of sunlight over your head. Say a mantra: ‘I am now allowing the light to transform me.’ 

Feel this said light going down your spine. Feel the light hitting every cell of your body. Feel the cells being nourished, then decree: ‘All negative energy leave me immediately.’ 

Imagine the negative energy exiting your body through your feet. Notice what color is leaving you. 

Say ‘All hooks, chains, cords, and energy that no longer serves me, leave me.’ 

Now feel the light as a rod of power, a pillar grounding you back into the earth. 

Now build a shield around you, two feet on every side. Live shielded, protected and aligned.

If you get thrown off, do the process again.

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