The Haunting of Bly Manor’s Gut-Wrenching Finale Is the Exact Reason You Should Watch

I want to so desperately unpack the significance of Dani and Jamie’s fate, though it’s nearly impossible to do so without giving the entire wrapped-in-a-bow ending away. But I will say this: Bly Manor hits the nail on the head of what it’s like to be LGBTQ+ behind closed doors, of what it’s like for two same-sex partners in 1987—at the height of the global HIV/AIDS epidemic—to passionately profess their love for each other when getting married legally wasn’t an option. For that, the writers of Bly Manor deserve a seriously loud round of applause.

“I really enjoyed getting to explore their relationship,” Pedretti told E! News of taking on this role, “and just getting to embody the courage that it takes to live authentically, especially in that time period.” 

For Eve, the yin and yang of Dani and Jamie’s connection was what mattered the most. “They meant so much to one another,” she said. “The two of them as individuals were missing something in themselves and I think they managed to almost find completeness within themselves by being with each other. They complement one another so well.”

As to why their camera time matters so much, Eve put it best: “What felt so lovely in this story was that it didn’t matter that they were two women. It was that they were two human beings that connected in the way.” 

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