The Many Colorful Things Dominic West Has Said About Cheating and Extramarital Affairs

It just so happens Dominic West has had a lot to say on the subject of cheating on one’s spouse.

Not that he could help that playing the adulterous Noah Solloway for five seasons of The Affair, one of the best feel-bad shows around, repeatedly put him on the receiving end of questions about… well, affairs!

But what he had to say was pretty fascinating, especially considering the random scandal he’s enmeshed in at the moment. On Monday, photos of the Golden Globe-nominated actor kissing Lily James in Rome hit the Internet—and the tender scene unromantically butted up against the fact that West has been married to Catherine FitzGerald since 2010.

Not that there couldn’t be a few explanations, starting with the fact that the British actors have known each other for almost a decade, having shared a Sheffield stage as Iago and Desdemona in a 2011 production of Shakespeare’s Othello, so, you know… old friends? They’re also co-stars once again in the upcoming BBC One miniseries The Pursuit of Love, based on the Nancy Mitford novel of the same name, and according to available information, West appears to be playing James’ father. (“Yes, it hurts. It does and anyone who says it doesn’t is lying,” West once said about being cast as Lara Croft’s father in the Tomb Raider remake.) And they share a manager, Angharad Wood, who joined them for an affectionate-looking lunch.

And yet, the photos looked like two people enjoying each other far more than anything Italy had on offer that day.

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