Cake Boss Star Buddy Valastro Gets Choked Up Recalling His Son’s Help During “Freak Accident”

While he calmy remembered the accident, the proud dad began to well up while thanking his son for leaping into action. 

“I don’t even know what to say,” he said of 16-year-old Buddy Jr. while fighting back tears. “I’m so proud of my son. I just can’t imagine that they had to go through this and they did what they did, all of them, so thank you, son.”

His firstborn son told the co-hosts, “He’s my dad. I had to do something.”

As for the road ahead, the reality star, who is recovering from two surgeries, is ready to fight to get back to baking. “It’s going to definitely be an uphill battle,” he acknowledged. “The prayers and the support from all the fans from all over the world—it made me feel so special and it makes me want to fight to get better for them. It makes me want to be the man that I was.”

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