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How Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton Became Each Other’s Sweet Escapes

Before returning to their $13 million San Fernando Valley mansion to start shooting the audition segments of their NBC juggernaut, their daily agenda included tending to their garden, blackberry picking and gaping at the animals that tended to roam around their massive property. (Well, that, and the occasional ill-advised home haircut.)  “It was me, my …

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VICTORIA BISCHOFF: Banks must not let us down

Budget day was always the most important date on the calendar of a financial journalist.  We’d spend weeks poring over leaked proposals, examining how they might impact the average person’s pocket.  There would be endless meetings with accountants and analysts — and essential discussions about what sugary snacks would keep …

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ALEX BRUMMER: Piling up the coronavirus bills

Finding positives amid the corporate gloom unsheathed by three FTSE100 big beasts, HSBC, BP and Whitbread, is extraordinarily difficult.  All these companies have been stalwarts of the stock market for decades, reliable dividend payers which support pensions and investment funds. Each is suffering badly from the pandemic and seeking to …

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Coronavirus scythes through corporate Britain

Three of Britain’s biggest firms have revealed the devastating toll the Covid-19 pandemic has had on business.  As fears of a second wave of infections again rocked stock markets worldwide, FTSE 100 giants HSBC and BP reported a dramatic fall in profits while Whitbread racked up a £725m loss.  The …

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