Complaints over NS&I service keep pouring in as savers are hit

Complaints about poor customer service at NS&I continue to pour in to The Mail on Sunday after we revealed last week worrying service issues at the Government-backed savings organisation.

Customers say waiting times for calls to be answered are frequently up to an hour while those who email receive a curt acknowledgement that states: ‘Coronavirus: sorry, we can’t reply to most emails.’

Amidst this chaos, NS&I has added to its workload by stating it is phasing out the sending of Premium Bond prizes by post from December. Instead customers must register their details for prizes to be put into their bank accounts or to be automatically reinvested into more bonds.

NS&I chaos: The Government-backed savings organisation has been hit by a customer service meltdown

NS&I chaos: The Government-backed savings organisation has been hit by a customer service meltdown

NS&I chaos: The Government-backed savings organisation has been hit by a customer service meltdown

But some are finding it difficult to register. Stephen Macey, 63, from Poole, Dorset, has tried to do so online on ten occasions. ‘It just says it doesn’t recognise my details,’ he says. ‘I’ve tried to contact NS&I by phone but can’t get through. I understand everyone’s having problems at the moment, but I would expect a higher standard of service.’

Jacqueline Graham, 72, also from Dorset, could not register online either. She says: ‘If they want to introduce a new system, they should make sure it works first. I’m doing this for them, not me. I like receiving my Premium Bond prizes by post.’

Jacqueline has now registered by post, but has yet to receive an acknowledgement. 

A spokesperson for NS&I says: ‘When a customer tries to register, we may not be able to match them to their account because the personal details we keep on them have not been updated and do not match – or their account is longstanding and is missing data we now require.

‘We want to ensure that an account cannot be accessed by anyone other than the rightful owner.

‘If their details still don’t match, customers are prompted to register by post. They can do this by filling in the form available online, printing it out and posting it to us. If they don’t have access to a printer they can call us on 08085 007 007.’

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