Easyjet Holidays promises to refund customers if they change mind

Easyjet Holidays will give customers a refund if they change their mind about an upcoming trip in a bid to attract new bookings amid the current pandemic.

In its new ‘Protection Promise’, the airline says those who book both flights and accommodation with it will now receive more booking flexibility.

With coronavirus severely denting holidaymaker confidence, it is hoping more will feel comfortable booking with these new measures in place.

One of the main steps is to give customers a full refund, including their deposit in credit, up to 28 days before departure and free of fees, if they change their mind about travelling.

Easyjet Holidays has introduced a new Protection Promise to encourage customers to book

Easyjet Holidays has introduced a new Protection Promise to encourage customers to book

Easyjet Holidays has introduced a new Protection Promise to encourage customers to book

It added that if customers plans change, up to 28 days from departure, they also won’t lose their deposit.

For those who may be struggling with funds, it has said travellers can pay for their holiday in instalments with no fees and only pay in full 28 days before they travel, giving them flexibility if plans change.

Easyjet Holidays added it is ‘so confident in our great value holidays’ that if its customers find the same holiday cheaper elsewhere, it will beat the price.

With the pandemic, it can be hard to plan ahead so Easyjet has said its customers will now have the flexibility to change their holiday if things change.

There will be no fees for changes made online until 28 days before departure.

Research undertaken by Easyjet revealed that 53 per cent of Britons are only willing to book a holiday abroad at the moment if they feel confident their money is protected. 

A further 46 per cent are concerned about not being able to get a refund if a holiday cannot go ahead whilst 38 per cent are worried about losing money if they need to change their travel plans.

Matt Callaghan, customer director at Easyjet Holidays said: ‘Consumer confidence in holidays abroad has taken a huge hit this year and travellers have different priorities now when it comes to booking a trip.

‘With the restrictions continuing to change, the industry must step up and adapt to this new reality to rebuild consumer trust. 

‘That’s why we’re launching our new Protection Promise, setting a benchmark for customer flexibility in the industry and encouraging travellers to book their holidays with the reassurance that if things change they are protected.

‘And this isn’t a short-term move, this is a fundamental change to what customers can expect whenever they book with Easyjet holidays.’ 

Easyjet added that if customers find the same holiday cheaper elsewhere, it will beat the price

Easyjet added that if customers find the same holiday cheaper elsewhere, it will beat the price

Easyjet added that if customers find the same holiday cheaper elsewhere, it will beat the price

Whilst the average time of 12 days for holiday refunds isn’t a guarantee included in the Protection Promise, it is an industry-leading standard that Easyjet holidays is also  aiming to achieve. 

This is Money contacted other airlines and package holiday firms to see if they were planning to make any similar changes.

Tui said it is offering its customers the ability to amend their bookings. 

A Tui UK spokesperson said: ‘Customers booking a holiday with Tui between 23 July 2020 and 31 December 2020, for holidays departing up until 30 April 2021, are offered a free amend should they wish to change their holiday plans. 

‘This gives our customers the added flexibility should they not wish to travel. 

‘Of course, if their holiday can’t go ahead, we’ll be in touch as soon as we can to offer the customer the chance to change their booking to a different holiday or arrange a full cash refund.’

Meanwhile, Ryanair announced yesterday that it will extend the waiving of its flight change fee for all customers who book to travel in October and November 2020.

Customers who book for travel in October and November will be able to change their flights with zero change fee to travel until the 21st March 2021. 

Changes must be made at least 7 days prior to the departure date of the original booking. 

For British Airways Holidays, if customers have booked a holiday to destinations affected by entry restrictions departing in the next three weeks and no longer wish to travel, they can choose a refund or a voucher for future travel. 

Customers whose destination is unaffected, but are impacted by restrictions in their local area, can make changes or request a voucher in line with our Customer Promise.

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