Grey’s Anatomy Is Not Done Blowing Your Mind After That Patrick Dempsey Surprise

Reaser: Meg burst into tears, we had our own minds blown. And then it became…I’m so happy to be done keeping this secret, because we didn’t only have to keep it from America. We had to keep it from parts of the network, parts of the studio, definitely the press, and then parts of the writing staff. We teased the information out to the staff. We’re doing everything on Zoom now, so we’d have these sorts of—looking back at it—ridiculous moments where we just said, “And then we’re going to go to the beach, Mer is gonna…” And then we’d just say, “Hey, can everyone who’s a consulting physician or a writer’s assistant just leave for a minute?” So they knew something was up, but still, even last night, our medical researcher texted us and said, “I don’t know how you guys kept that from us for six months.”

Marinis: It was funny because I feel like every executive producer took a turn at writer’s assistant all over again because we had to take notes on what we were talking about and we couldn’t let our writer’s assistant inside the room.

Reaser: We had a big day a couple of months ago where we had the writer’s assistant come into Zoom and told her and then we got to watch her freak out, her burying-her-head-in-her-hands reaction of a fan. And then we got to see it on a huge, huge scale, which was just such a trip.

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