‘I asked my wife if I could date her sister while we were on our

Following their wedding, one couple had booked a five-week honeymoon to South America that should have been the trip of a lifetime.

However the holiday ended up being one of the most miserable experiences of their lives.

Greyson Ferguson shared the shocking tale of how he discovered his wife had been cheating on him, before and after their wedding, and how he tried to get his own back on her for betraying him.

Writing for Medium’s PS I Love You column, the husband explained how just before they planned to go away, he learned of her infidelity.

“Needless to say, we were not in the best of places when the time to leave for our honeymoon came,” he said.

He considered going on the trip without her, but claims a part of him worried the airline would cancel his ticket.

Another small part was also hoping the time away might do something to help improve their relationship – but in the end, it only made things worse.

“Every step in Peru. Every cab ride in Chile. Every dinner out in Argentina, I found the void in my chest begin to consume myself,” he wrote.

“The entire honeymoon I struggled putting the images and messages from my wife’s not-so-secret fling out of my mind. I couldn’t. Nor could I pull myself out of that dark place slowly consuming me. So instead I did what I could to drag her down with me.”

He tried to get his own back while exploring Machu Picchu (stock photo)
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It was as they were touring Machu Picchu that he came up with a plan – he would attempt to offload some of his pain onto his wife by hitting a nerve.

He shared how his wife had always felt “inadequate” next to her sister, so he decided to ask her one question he knew would really upset her.

He asked if they were to break up, could he date her sister instead – what would she do if that happened?

“To her credit, she eventually answered. She said if the two of us were happy then she’d get over it.”

He hadn’t expected this answer, so his revenge wasn’t quite as sweet as he’d hoped it would be.

“I thought I’d enjoy seeing her squirm a bit, but she avoided any visible turmoil, and I felt myself slip a bit deeper into the abyss.”

Unsurprisingly their marriage didn’t last very long after the miserable holiday and the pair have since gone their separate ways.

He added: “One thing from that entire honeymoon has survived the test of time. I still wouldn’t mind going out on a date with the sister.”

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