Jeopardy! Producer Shares the Touching Way Alex Trebek Spent His Final Day

Behind the scenes, Trebek was a devoted husband and father. “I think the greatest thing about him was how much he loved his family,” Richards said. “Of all of the things he did and all of his accomplishments, his greatest accomplishment to him was his family and his love of his life.”

Despite his achievements, Trebek also wasn’t one for compliments. “He didn’t enjoy being overly complimented or fawned over,” Richards added. “He was Alex Trebek and he didn’t suffer that kind of bloviating, as he would describe it.”

However, as Richards recalled, there was a time when he finally accepted a compliment. “On what ended up being our final day taping, I knew he was in an enormous amount of pain,” he remembered. “As he was leaving, I saw him at the door and I said, ‘You know, that was maybe the most incredible thing I’ve ever seen.'”

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