Kanye West on Race, Mental Health & More: 8 Highlights From Part 2 of Nick Cannon’s Podcast

On his meeting with Jared Kushner:

Nick broached the topic, pointing out that some described Kanye’s August meeting with Donald Trump‘s senior advisor as “secret” and that Kushner was using Kanye “as a puppet.”

“It ain’t no secret meeting,” Kanye began. “So the thing is, I’m not one of these ‘I’m Black, so I’m Democrat.'”

He continued, “I wanted to meet with Bernie Sanders before; he wouldn’t meet with me. Now, I’m fine to meet with Biden. I would meet with anybody. I love everybody. Jesus loves everybody.”

At the meeting, Kanye recalled Kushner bringing a copy of Dr. Claud Anderson‘s book PowerNomics, which he described as having Kushner’s own notes, annotations and underlined sections.

“Claud Anderson has a four-year plan for rebuilding the Black community. That is what we talked about,” Kanye told Nick. “But I don’t care if we talked about ice cream. I could get ice cream. That’s what I’m saying. I don’t have to justify none of my actions. Period.”

He went on to describe Jared as a “friend,” noting that they knew each other prior to the Trump administration. 

“Trump used to go to awards shows with Puff Daddy!” he added.

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