Lady Gaga’s Choreographer Richy Jackson Shares Secrets Behind Her 2020 VMAs Performance

Richy Jackson is on cloud nine!

Lady Gaga‘s choreographer and visual director stopped by Daily Pop on Tuesday, Sep. 1 fresh off the 2020 MTV VMAs, where Gaga and Ariana Grande performed moves he devised as they belted out “Rain On Me.”

“I’m just so happy that we had a fantastic performance and that we got to perform live,” Jackson told E! co-host Carissa Culiner, adding that it was a welcome to change “just being out there and out of the house.”

Lady Gaga’s longtime collaborator credited the triple-threat herself for the performance’s “entire vision,” which also included her songs “Stupid Love,” “911” and multitude of visual elements, from a ’90s throwback VMAs ceremony on an old television to all things space and Chromatica.

Gaga continually changed outfits throughout the performance (and every time she’d take the stage to accept an award), but her high-tech mask stayed the same while she was singing. 

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