Mum praised for ‘genius’ test to see if her sons lift the toilet seat up

The age-old debate of whether the toilet seat goes up or stays down rages in many households across the land.

And many parents will recognise the struggles of having to clean up a messy toilet seat in a house full of children.

One mum has been praised after revealing her cunning plan to test her boys’ claims that they lift the seat.

Her video on TikTok has gone viral with more than 2.7 million views and it left many fellow parents in stitches.

Mum Cathy revealed how she found out who really lifted the seat when relieving themselves with one simple test.

She taped £20 to the seat and simply waited to see who found it first.

The video has been seen more than two million times
(Image: @cathymarie88/TikTok)

In the video, which has racked up 299,000 likes, she shows herself securing the note to the bottom of the seat in a plastic bag.

Her caption jokes: “Don’t worry Karen, the money is in a sealed bag.”

Fellow parents were left in stitches by the hilarious video.

One woman complained: “What?! It’s the opposite here!! Boys be lifting it up and never putting it down.”

Another joked: “Your money is safer there than at the bank,” while one replied: “Pure genius.”

A third warned: “The buried treasure never to be found.”

Many were left keenly waiting for the update –  where Cathy revealed that her eldest son found the cash.

In the video, she joked: “My son is off to buy himself some vbucks.”

One person replied: “I bet he’ll do it every time now.”

Another added: “You must be an excellent mama.”

One stepmother and mum went viral on TikTok after sharing a heartwarming moment.

Kelley Lorraine has racked up more than 910,000 followers on the popular app.

The step-mum told how she secretly arranged for the children’s mum to visit with their knowledge after their previous travel plans were thwarted.

She captioned the video, which has been viewed more than five million times, ‘Pulling off this surprise was one of the best parts of 2020.’

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