‘My mother-in-law demands to be the first to hold my baby and choose

An expecting mum has revealed that her mother-in-law has claimed it’s “tradition” for her to be at the birth, be the first to hold the newborn baby, and be given the honour of picking the name.

The woman explains that she has been married to her husband for two years, and she has three children from a previous marriage to whom her partner is an “amazing” stepdad.

Although they had never discussed having children together, she discovered she was pregnant in April and her husband was “extremely excited” by the news, as were both of their families.

But she says since her mother-in-law found out, she has ‘”tried to take over everything”, including the baby shower, the nursery, and has even said she has to be the first to know whether they are expecting a boy or girl.

Her husband’s siblings say she tried to same thing with their children (stock image)
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She said: “And now she has just announced to me and my husband that it’s ‘tradition’ that the first child that her kids have, she got to choose the name and got to be at the birth, plus hold the baby before the father.

“Me and my husband have already told her no, and she threw a fit and tried to tell us it’s tradition.

“My husband then went on to tell her that this was the first he has heard of this, and MIL said it was an agreement between her and the parents about to have the baby, something not to be discussed.”

Her mother-in-law wants to be at the birth – and hold the baby first
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When her husband checked with his siblings who are already parents, they all said she had tried to do the same thing when they had their first borns, also claiming it to be “tradition”.

They advised giving her minimal or false information as they had done, but the mum said when she refuses to give her updates, her mother-in-law cries and says she needs to be there as it will be her last grandchild.

She finished: “Me and husband have both been ignoring her since but she doesn’t seem to understand boundaries.”

People on Reddit hit out at her mother-in-law for claiming it to be a “tradition”, despite it never being adhered to previously.

One wrote: “A tradition. You know, something she made up on the spot so she could be in the center of it all. Isn’t that the definition of a tradition?  eye roll .”

Another said: “How is it a ‘tradition’ if she started it herself?!? She just wants control. So annoying.”

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