‘My wife talks in her sleep and I’m worried it’s exposing her true

A husband whose wife talks in her sleep says he is becoming increasingly worried that the comments she makes are revealing her true feelings about their marriage.

He says that his wife has spoken out loud while sleeping for as long as he has known her and the problem had previously become so bad they were forced to sleep in separate rooms.

They are now back to sharing a bed again as the man has become used to “sleeping through most it”.

But he says his partner usually falls asleep first and wakes up later, and while he looks at his phone in bed he’s been hearing “a lot of weird sleep comments” which make him feel “super uncomfortable”.

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Providing snippets of the type of things he claims he has heard his wife say in her sleep, he wrote: “Examples:

  • ‘I don’t want to have sex, you’re gross’ (while touching me)
  • ‘Josh, you’re so cute’ (my name is not Josh)
  • ‘Are you watching the baby’ (we don’t have kids and don’t want them)
  • ‘This cake tastes like puke’ (I have been baking for her recently)

“When I try to ask her about it in the morning she says she doesn’t remember, and that’s probably true.

“But I ask her what her dreams were and she says she can’t remember that too. Dreams are based on real feelings and thoughts in the day so these kinds of comments make me super uncomfortable because it isn’t what she says to my face but it comes out when her guard is down.

Others who sleep talk tried to reassure him by saying the comments they make are never linked to reality (stock image)
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“She says her real thoughts are the ones she tells me when she is awake but I’m starting to feel paranoid.”

The husband says his wife insists she has “no idea” why she makes the comments, but he’s now worried she is holding back her true thoughts about their marriage.

“I just feel it’s important for our relationship but she disagrees with that,” he wrote on Reddit. “If she has thoughts she isn’t sharing it could ruin us later and I don’t want to be hurt.”

People in the comments came to the unanimous agreement that he “needs to let it go”, as one commented to say: “She’s sleeping. SLEEPING. Arguing with someone over something they say when they are sleeping is insane. She probably doesn’t even remember her dreams.”

A second wrote: “It’s like dreaming that your partner is having an affair and then being mad at them when you wake up.”

Another tried to reassure him by saying: “I talk in my sleep a TON. Nothing anyone has ever told me I say lines up with what I remember about my dreams. “

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