Rihanna Says Savage x Fenty Show Vol. 2 Has “Completely Extreme Levels

Although there were obstacles in presenting last year’s show, Vol. 2 has new issues to surmount, considering there isn’t a live audience in attendance. But Rihanna is up for the challenge, and says Amazon Prime was, too. “It gives us the hope that we can create anything that we put our will to, and responsibly so,” she says, noting that it was important to her to ensure everyone involved with the show felt that they were protected and taken care of, especially the additional pressures of the current climate.

There was a lot of prep that went on behind the scenes in creating the new collection, arranging show fittings, and even the casting process. A lot of it was handled virtually, but Rihanna started creating the collection during the production of the last Savage x Fenty show. “It’s incredible to see how things can change so quickly, unexpectedly and you just have to figure out what are we going to do about it—solution, solution, solution,” she says. “So that’s been my drive because we’re always going to be presented with issues, especially at a time like this. But you can do anything if you can figure out how to work around it within our parameters.”

And even though she’s superhuman, Rihanna isn’t immune to how stressful this time has been—but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t found a way to make it work.

“Damn, I mean, in quarantine, you don’t really got a lot to choose to work with—you get up on a full face of makeup and shit, but who’s going to see it,” she notes. “So the thing that makes me feel great is when I feel healthy, my skin is glowing, my hair is thick and I’m excited to do little things in life.” And that means appreciating the little things and finding ways to be happy.

“Happiness kind of is the open door to everything… like, you can do anything – you can be creative, you can be savage, you can be anti-social, you can just be whatever you want as long as you comfortable and happy being exactly in that space,” she shares. “I’ve grown to appreciate the little things and I’ve grown to love being still, which is something I haven’t been used to since I was 16 years old.”

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