‘When my husband told me to shush during labour I knew our marriage

It’s a sad fact of life that sometimes no matter how much we want them to, relationships just don’t work out.

Often there might be no real reason for this, other times you can pinpoint the exact moment everything broke down and why.

A number of women have recently taken to Facebook to share the reasons their marriage ended.

The comments were left in a thread on the group, That’s it, I’m MF spouse shaming, which currently has more than 21,200 members.

It all started after a woman posted a tweet from a man in which he stated that he realised he was no longer in love with his ex after he let her carry heavy boxes up the stairs without offering to lend a hand.

The responses ranged from being compeltely and utterly heartbreaking to uplifting and inspiring, but one in particular stood out from the thread.

A woman recalled how she knew her marriage needed to end after her husband told her to “shush” while she was giving birth to their child.


She wrote: “When he told me to shush during labour. I had a sudden flash of clarity and I knew I would be raising this baby alone because I deserved better.

Women have been sharing how they knew their marriage was over (stock photo)
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“Still took me a year to get to the breakup, but I never forgot that moment of certainty.”

Another person claimed her marriage had fallen apart after she found out that her husband had not only cheated on her with her best friend of 25 years – he’d also gotten her pregnant.

“That was the day my marriage ended,” she said.

Another admitted she discovered her husband had been having an affair with his step-sister and that was what sent them down the path to divorce.

But not every confession was quite so dramatic.

Someone else added: “I knew it was over when he let me walk home for 30 minutes from the train station at 10.30pm and not come get me (the drive takes five minutes) because he didn’t feel like it.”

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