Woman shares ‘game changing’ vacuum hack to easily clean hard-to-reach

There’s a few hard-to-reach places around the home that no vacuum or brush can ever seem to clean.

If crumbs fall down the tiny gaps of our oven, we simply accept that they will remain there and burn for the rest of eternity.

But one mum has shared her ‘game-changing’ cleaning hack to ensure you pick up every piece of dirt, even if it falls between the narrow gaps in your floorboards.

Yas Dursun spotted the trick on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page – and all you need is a leftover fast food drinking cup.

She used a leftover straw and lid from McDonald’s
(Image: Mums Who Clean/Facebook)

Pushing the straw halfway through the plastic lid, she places both over the end of her vacuum cleaner and holds it in place to ensure it doesn’t get sucked up.

The straw then acts as a miniature attachment for the vacuum, allowing you to get into tiny gaps to leave them spotless.

Yas wrote: “After years of not being able to reach the crumbs in parts of the oven, this was the answer – God bless Mums Who Clean.”

It works like a charm
(Image: Mums Who Clean/Facebook)

She told Tyla : “I basically kept the lid and straw from my son’s Macca’s frozen cola, washed and dried the lid.

“I removed the long stick of the vacuum cleaner and held the straw and lid in place – alternatively you can use sticky tape or super glue the straw to make it easier.”

Other mums couldn’t believe they hadn’t tried the hack before, as one said: “Game changer!! This would be awesome for the car beside the seats!”

A second commented: “OMG I need to try this under the fridge.”

Another wrote: “Oh wow!! I was trying to clean my sliding door tracks today – this was what I needed! I’m off to Maccas tomorrow.”

A fourth added: “Good excuse for a drive through!”

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