You should never scrub your hair when washing it, hairdresser says

A hairdresser has urged people to stop scrubbing their head when washing their hair as it can lead to hair loss.

Brad Mondo debunked some of the most common hair myths in a quiz-themed YouTube video he shared with his 3.36 million followers.

From how much shampoo to use, to how hot your water should be when rinsing.

But one of the most common mistakes Brad pointed out that people make is scrubbing too hard.

Although we all love an in-shower head massage, it could actually be doing your tresses a lot of damage according to the New York-based hairdresser.

Scrubbing your hair could damage it

He said: “A lot of people tangle up their hair when washing their hair.

“A lot of people like to go really in and scrub, I know it feels good but what you’re doing is tangling and matting your hair more than it needs to be tangled and matted.

“You don’t need to do that. Because what you’re going to do is end up roughing up the cuticle way too much.

“When you rough up the cuticle you could be losing hair that you don’t need to be losing at that time.”

Not only will it cause breakage, but it could lead to hair loss

Instead, you should be using a side-to-side motion as it’s less likely to tangle your hair.

He added: “Side to side is best, and a little bit gentler than maybe you’re wanting to go.

“You don’t need to go extremely gently like you’re touching a baby’s head, you can go in there, just don’t go in.

“I see a lot of girls going in with their fingernails.

Wash out your shampoo using lukewarm not cold water

“Again, I know it feels great, but you’re going to ruin your hair. Just chill, gently rub your head side to side with your shampoo.”

He goes on to say that you should be washing your hair in lukewarm water rather than cold water.

Many of us may have heard that washing your hair with cold water makes it smoother and shinier, but Brad explains that warm water opens up the hair cuticle more than cold water which will help to release the dirt much easier.

He also says that the amount of suds created when washing doesn’t mean that your hair is clean: “It is just a visual cue that you’re washing your hair.” 

Plus, no matter how long or short your hair, you should be using the same amount of shampoo – around the size of two coins – since it only needs to be worked into the roots not the ends.

You can watch the full video here.

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